Commission on Student Mental Health and Well-being


Over the past three years, including impacts from the pandemic and social unrest throughout the country, students’ mental health needs have continued to change and grow. In response, Ohio State has relaunched its efforts to evaluate the current state of mental health in Ohio State students as well as students across the country, continue its search for best practices, identify new and emerging needs and develop actionable, evidence-based recommendations for the future that will advance a wellness-focused community and improve mental health outcomes at Ohio State.

This work complements and further advances the outcomes from the 2018 Ohio State Suicide and Mental Health Task Force report.


The commission will conduct a comprehensive analysis of Ohio State students’ current and evolving mental health status and needs, taking a broad view of the various factors that contribute to mental health and well-being. After defining the needs and identifying successes, opportunities and gaps, the group will develop a set of evidence-based action- and solution-oriented recommendations, including recommended timelines, budgets and proposed outcomes. The group’s approach should be anchored in principles that reinforce partnership, wellbeing, community-building and outcomes-based results.