In April 2018, President Michael V. Drake commissioned a Suicide and Mental Health Task Force charged with reviewing the university’s suicide prevention efforts and mental health support, identifying opportunities for improvement and assessing if any best practices may enhance Ohio State’s portfolio of support.

This site will provide ongoing updates on this important work.

Read the Suicide and Mental Health Task Force Recommendation Report.

Task Force Members

The original Task Force was brought together over the summer of 2018 to create the Recommendation Report. The work of this group was complete upon the submission of the report to President Drake for review and identification of next steps.

Members of the 2018 Suicide and Mental Health Task Force

Implementation Team Executive Sponsors

After reviewing the recommendations, President Drake created an implementation team to analyze each recommendation and create implementation proposals and plans for each. This group is supported by executive sponsors from across the university.

Implementation team executive sponsors

Implementation Team Members

A cross-university implementation team was developed with the expectation of an 18-month implementation phase. The team was tasked with carefully analyzing each of the Task Force's recommendations, identifying university project owners, developing a high level implementation plan and working directly with executive sponsors to make regular and consistent progress toward the recommendations.

Implementation team members