Commission on Student Mental Health and Well-being

Recommendation 5

Recommendation #5: Enhance mental health services, programs and resources currently available, with a focus on prevention by building coping and resiliency skills, and reinforcing the importance of mental health and well-being.



Develop and implement the Buckeye CARE initiative which provides a student with access to resources/information as they on-board to the university (interdisciplinary team of students, faculty, staff, clinicians, etc. that provide support in all nine-dimension areas of wellness), starting with a pilot program.

Student evaluation data

Track Student meetings

Track Student outreach to team

Track access and use of programs and services

Create and incorporate a wellness plan alongside an academic plan for each student

Percent of students who engage in wellness plan – advisor tracking

Growth each semester

Evaluation data

Student mental health survey data

Graduation and drop out student rates  

Add content, including the new micro-learning modules funded by CARES that are in production, to the Ohio State Wellness: App focused on loneliness, resiliency, coping and harm reduction

Access rates

Evaluation data

Student mental health survey data

Resilience ratings

Include texting option for the Buckeye Peer Access Line (PAL)

Use rates

Referral rates

Evaluation data

Review currently offered trainings and educational programs and expand use of certificate programs for mental health support

Completion numbers

Program engagement numbers

Evaluation data

Increase student engagement in evidence-based mental health promotion, coping and resiliency programming, including the Office of Student Life wellness coaching program, health athlete, MINDSTRONG, and the telehealth health and wellness coaching hub.

Student evaluation data

Track student access and use of programs and services

Require wellness programming completion as a component of the First Year Success program

Student evaluation data