Commission on Student Mental Health and Well-being

Recommendation 3

Recommendation #3: Enhance marketing and communications around mental health resources, programs and services to increase student engagement and decrease the stigma surrounding mental health.



Develop and launch a peer-to-peer campaign focused on creating a culture of care and well-being, including normalizing reaching out for help

Participant engagement numbers


Evaluation data

Student mental health data

Partner with student organizations and students to create student-led educational programs that can be offered peer-to-peer

Participant engagement numbers

Create a central website/hub for all mental health resources based on distress level

Web site visits

Site queries

Referral and program rates

Develop and launch an awareness campaign highlighting the breadth and depth of mental health services and resources available

Program engagement data

Referral numbers

Web site hits

Student mental health survey data

Develop a mental health outreach toolkit for consistent messaging and content to be shared across the enterprise

Toolkit access and use

Include information about the Wellness App in all comprehensive resource promotion

Track increase in app use

Increase the number of students across the university who engage in mental health services and programming by 10%.

Number of students who participate in our various programs from various campuses and academic programs